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Family of xxx DUNMUR and Juliet V DUNMUR

Husband: xxx DUNMUR ( - )
Wife: Juliet V DUNMUR (c. 1950- )

Husband: xxx DUNMUR

Name: xxx DUNMUR
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Juliet V DUNMUR

Name: Juliet V DUNMUR
Sex: Female
Father: Gareth MAUFE ( -1968)
Mother: -
Birth c. 1950

Note on Marriage


Note on Wife: Juliet V DUNMUR (1)

BH met her at V&A talk by Oliver about AH, nov 2015

She is writing a book about Sir Edward and Prudence Maufe. Wants to get a blue plaque put up to him, though one was rejected 10 years ago.


She has diaries by Prudence including account of a holiday (in italy?) with AH, and both Maufes! At a time when AH's children were teenages. No mention of Edith!

Note on Wife: Juliet V DUNMUR (2)

Lives in Botley, Oxford