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Family of Maurice GOOD

Partner: Maurice GOOD (1933?- )
Partner: (unknown)
Children: Stephen GOOD ( - )

Partner: Maurice GOOD

Name: Maurice GOOD1
Sex: Male
Father: Alfred Joseph GOOD (1895-1962)
Mother: Mary Ellen DONOVAN ( - )
Birth 1933 (cal)

Child 1: Stephen GOOD

Name: Stephen GOOD
Sex: Male

Note on Husband: Maurice GOOD (1)

Irish actor.

Benedict saw him as Mark Anthony in Old Vic production of Julius Caesar, where the programme credits included "glass eyes by William Shakespeare Ltd"



From All Movie Guide: Maurice Good has played many leading roles in Irish theatrical productions, on television, on radio and in films. In addition to acting, Good also worked as a film director, writer and producer in England during the 1960s. In 1975 he emigrated to Canada. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide


Birth year deduced from inscription on 'Enchanted by Dreams' - To Maurice aged 13, 1946


BH phoned Maurice Good in Newfoundland about 2009.

Note on Husband: Maurice GOOD (2)



Episode 2 Anakin Casting Rumor

Thu, Feb 25, 99 12:53:43 PM EST


Bill Fossey sent in the following casting rumor:

My name is Bill Fossey, and just recently I heard from my former acting instructor Maurice Good, an Irish actor I know who used to be in the Royal Shakespeare company (and has worked with Sir Alec Guinness on many an occasion). He told me that he did a bit part in Episode 1 and that a former pupil of his named Donald MacKinnon was the front-runner for the part of Anakin Skywalker in Episode 2. I don't know if you are familiar with him down in the states but he has done quite a few things here in Canada. I would like to know if you have heard anything about this, because I think that he would be perfect for the part as he is a HUGE actor and by this I mean tall and built like a football player. Plus he is well known for playing the "bad guys" on television here and I am pretty sure he is about the right age. If I can find it, I will send the address of his fan-page.


He then sent this follow up:


Most recently, he was in an episode of "Lexx-the Series" ( playing an alien bounty hunter type of thing, and as for movies, he just finished "The Newwaterford Girls" with Andrew McCarthy (of Weekend at Bernies fame). I know that he apprenticed with The Royal Shakespeare Company in England with actor Peter Wight (of "Secrets and Lies) for a while and played the leads in "Beauty and the Beast" and "The Europeans" but I'm afraid that's all I know at the moment.

Note on Husband: Maurice GOOD (3)

BH phone Maurice 30/6/08

706 Gearyville Rd

Corner Brook NL

A2H 1B5


(709)632 5529


Joe died autum 1962. diphtheria and heart attacks

he is buried at Boga na Breena, in foothills of County Dublin mountains


Pam was enchanted by countryside and animals. 'v. sweet and gentle'

Maurice has drawing of Pam in her youth.


Brother John has a son who studied at LIverpool University


Maurice workied in London in 1960's - at old vic 1961. I told him I saw him as Mark Anthony when the programme had the credit "glass eyes by william shakespeare ltd". He also worked at the Oxford Playhouse.


Says Newfoundland is known as 'the rock'


Joe met Pam in Provence, on Joe's only visit to France. Much happiness, though his health was in decline.


Maurice's mother was an O'Grady - niece of Standish O'Grady. His son Stephen Good lives in Devon.

Note on Husband: Maurice GOOD (4)

[imdb trivia]

Date of Birth

1932, Ireland




Author of "Every Inch a Lear" - a journal of a production of "King Lear" with Peter Ustinov at Canada's Stratford Festival [1982]


Where Are They Now


(2000) Teaching at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College's School of Fine Arts, in Corner Brook Newfoundland

Note on Husband: Maurice GOOD (5)







* 1980s

* 1970s

* 1960s

* 1950s


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2. Much Ado About Nothing (1987) (TV) .... Friar Francis

3. "Night Heat" .... Wheatle (3 episodes, 1985-1986)

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- Dead Ringer (1986) TV episode .... Wheatle

- Jane the Ripper (1985) TV episode

4. The Wars (1983) .... Sgt. Joyce


5. "The New Avengers" .... Milroy (1 episode, 1977)

... aka "Chapeau melon et bottes de cuir" (France: dubbed version)

... aka "The New Avengers in Canada" (Canada: English title: last season title)

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8. Trog (1970) .... Reporter

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31. The Siege of Sidney Street (1960) .... Gardstein

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32. The Rising of the Moon (1957) (as Players from the Abbey Theatre Company) .... Constable O'Grady


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