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Family of (Herbert) Clifford MORTIMER and Kathleen MAY Smith

Husband: (Herbert) Clifford MORTIMER (1885-1961)
Wife: Kathleen MAY Smith ( -1970)
Children: John Clifford MORTIMER (1923-2009)
Marriage 1 Feb 1917 Summertown, Oxford

Husband: (Herbert) Clifford MORTIMER

Name: (Herbert) Clifford MORTIMER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1885
Death 30 Sep 1961 (age 75-76) Turville, Oxon

Wife: Kathleen MAY Smith

Name: Kathleen MAY Smith
Sex: Female
Father: Henry Bartlett SMITH ( -1915)
Mother: Eleanor LANGFORD ( - )
Death 25 Nov 1970

Child 1: John Clifford MORTIMER

Name: John Clifford MORTIMER1
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Penelope FLETCHER ( - )
Spouse 2: Penelope GOLLOP ( - )
Spouse 3: Wendy CRAIG ( - )
Birth 21 Apr 1923
Death 16 Jan 2009 (age 85)

Note on Husband: (Herbert) Clifford MORTIMER

raised in South Africa


lived in ground floor flat 7 of The Pryors, East Heath Rd, designed by the son of Waterhouse the architect.


Later lived in Downshire Hill


went blind in 1936

Note on Wife: Kathleen MAY Smith (1)

Valerie Grove: By that time (1914), Kathleen was in South Africa. She had won a scholarship in 1907 to Birmingham School of Art; then took herself to Paris, where she taught drawing at a lycee in Versailles and in 1912 had a painting exhibited in the Paris Salon, before answering an advertisement for an art teacher at St Anne's, a girls' school in Natal.


JM described her as a 'new woman who read Shaw'.


She was told of her father's suicicde by being sent a newspaper cutting without any letter.

Note on Wife: Kathleen MAY Smith (2)

to South Africa in 1914


1"A Voyage round John Mortimer, Valerie Grove".