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Family of John Clifford MORTIMER and Penelope GOLLOP

Husband: John Clifford MORTIMER (1923-2009)
Wife: Penelope GOLLOP ( - )
Children: Emily MORTIMER (1971- )
Rosie MORTIMER (1984- )
Marriage 21 Apr 1972

Husband: John Clifford MORTIMER

Name: John Clifford MORTIMER1
Sex: Male
Father: (Herbert) Clifford MORTIMER (1885-1961)
Mother: Kathleen MAY Smith ( -1970)
Birth 21 Apr 1923
Death 16 Jan 2009 (age 85)

Wife: Penelope GOLLOP

Name: Penelope GOLLOP
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Emily MORTIMER

Name: Emily MORTIMER
Sex: Female
Birth 1971

Child 2: Rosie MORTIMER

Name: Rosie MORTIMER
Sex: Female
Birth 1984

Note on Husband: John Clifford MORTIMER (1)

QC, Novelist


first house aged 3-5? was flat in The Pryors, Hampstead

Note on Husband: John Clifford MORTIMER (2)

Mortimer married twice, first to author Penelope Fletcher Dimont (1949, divorced 1971), and second to Penelope Gollop (1972-), and he had two children with each.


1"A Voyage round John Mortimer, Valerie Grove".