Family of Henry FULCHER and Sarah Edith MALLANDAINE

Husband: Henry FULCHER (b.1843, bur.1901)
Wife: Sarah Edith MALLANDAINE ( - )
Children: Mary Henrietta Cecilia FULCHER (1869- )
Charlotte Georgiana FULCHER (1870-1939)
Thomas FULCHER (1872- )
Alice Mildred MATHIESON (1874- )
Marriage 5 Dec 1867 Christ Church, Folkestone, Kent

Husband: Henry FULCHER

Name: Henry FULCHER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 22 Mar 1843
Baptism 4 Jun 1843 (age 0)
Burial 26 Jan 1901 Folkestone, Kent

Wife: Sarah Edith MALLANDAINE

Name: Sarah Edith MALLANDAINE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Mary Henrietta Cecilia FULCHER

Name: Mary Henrietta Cecilia FULCHER
Sex: Female
Birth 16 May 1869

Child 2: Charlotte Georgiana FULCHER

Name: Charlotte Georgiana FULCHER
Sex: Female
Nickname: Georgie
Spouse: George ASHTON ( -1924)
Birth 12 Sep 1870
Baptism 3 Oct 1870 (age 0)
Death 1939 (age 68-69) London

Child 3: Thomas FULCHER

Name: Thomas FULCHER
Sex: Male
Birth 31 May 1872

Child 4: Alice Mildred MATHIESON

Name: Alice Mildred MATHIESON1
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: James MATHIESON ( - )
Spouse 2: Harry Percy ADAMS (1865-1930)
Birth 21 Jul 1874

Note on Marriage



Sarah Edith Mallandaine was born in Dinan, France on 7 August 1844. She was the daughter of

Lieutenant Colonel John West Mallandaine and Cecilia Hawkes. Her father retired from service in the East

India Company and moved his growing family to Brittany, France to take advantage of a lower cost of

living. When her father's health deteriorated, the family began their return to England. They made it as

far as Jersey before John's health failed and he died on 19 February 1859. Sarah settled in Folkestone

with her mother and sisters.


Sarah later took a position as a French Teacher at the Abbey School in Bury St Edmonds. This girl's

boarding school was run by Anne Fulcher, Henry's sister.


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