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Family of Joël TRÉVIEN and Annik Jane COATALEN

Husband: Joël TRÉVIEN (1949- )
Wife: Annik Jane COATALEN (1947- )
Children: Sandie Gwen Thais TRÉVIEN
Anna Delicia TRÉVIEN
Claire Lucille TRÉVIEN
Status: Divorced
Marriage 24 Apr 1973 Ile Tudy, France

Husband: Joël TRÉVIEN

Name: Joël TRÉVIEN
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 10 May 1949 Brest, France

Wife: Annik Jane COATALEN

Name: Annik Jane COATALEN
Sex: Female
Father: ? COATALEN ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 13 Apr 1947 St Etienne

Child 1: Sandie Gwen Thais TRÉVIEN

Name: Sandie Gwen Thais TRÉVIEN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Laurent MOTREFF ( - )

Child 2: Anna Delicia TRÉVIEN

Name: Anna Delicia TRÉVIEN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Graham LYONS ( - )

Child 3: Claire Lucille TRÉVIEN

Name: Claire Lucille TRÉVIEN
Sex: Female

Note on Marriage

Divorce 29.04.88 in Quimper

Note on Husband: Joël TRÉVIEN

I don't know his first name; but his last name appears to be Trevien.


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AMJ 1973 Wokingham 6 a 737 oct 2006


marries Joël Trévien born Brest 10.05.1949 on 24.04.1973 in Ile Tudy