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Family of Madeleine RIPPINGILLE

Husband: (unknown)
Wife: Madeleine RIPPINGILLE (1911-1998)
Children: William Sydney MORSE
Edward Villiers MORSE

Wife: Madeleine RIPPINGILLE

Name: Madeleine RIPPINGILLE1
Sex: Female
Father: Frank Sidebotham RIPPINGILLE (1867- )
Mother: -
Birth 1911
Death 1998 (age 86-87)

Child 1: William Sydney MORSE

Name: William Sydney MORSE1
Sex: Male

Child 2: Edward Villiers MORSE

Name: Edward Villiers MORSE
Sex: Male

Note on Wife: Madeleine RIPPINGILLE

BH: not sure about her father, who ws the General Motors manager.


1"File (merged): C:\docs\bh\familyhistory\rippingille-extracts3.GED". Record originated in...