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Family of Frederick Eli GILES and Mary Georgina Gordon ANSTRUTHER

Husband: Frederick Eli GILES (1892-1974)
Wife: Mary Georgina Gordon ANSTRUTHER (1879- )
Children: Betty Iris GILES (1918-1924)
Derek Colin Frederick GILES (1920-1999)

Husband: Frederick Eli GILES

Name: Frederick Eli GILES1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 29 Aug 1892
Death 2 Sep 1974 (age 82)

Wife: Mary Georgina Gordon ANSTRUTHER

Name: Mary Georgina Gordon ANSTRUTHER1
Sex: Female
Father: Robert George BENNETT ( - )
Mother: Mary HENRY? PORTER? (1838-1908)
Birth 4 Mar 18792
Death "late 1940's"

Child 1: Betty Iris GILES

Name: Betty Iris GILES
Sex: Female
Birth 1918
Death 1924 (age 5-6)

Child 2: Derek Colin Frederick GILES

Name: Derek Colin Frederick GILES
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elisabeth Greig FRASER
Birth 4 Oct 1920
Death 5 Nov 1999 (age 79)

Note on Wife: Mary Georgina Gordon ANSTRUTHER (1)

TMA described her as very pretty, with an equally pretty daughter.


She eloped at 17 with Barry Lupino

?already pregnant?

birth date deduced from being 17 at marriage in 1903


close to daughter Florrie - 'like a couple of sisters'


TMAH said that she 'often stayed with my aunt Georgina in Brixton'



Stage name 'May Gordon' (mark)


After Barry Lupino divorced her, she lived with Fred Giles, though

Mark thinks they were never married.


"I often stayed with my aunt [Georgina] in Brixton" (TMAH A Life)


married 1902?(mark) 1904

Note on Wife: Mary Georgina Gordon ANSTRUTHER (2)

According to Barry Lupino's memoirs ("Call this the Prologue") she was Georgina May Gordon Anstruther-Anstruther, of Anstruther in Fifeshire, of an ancient Scotish family that dated back to the 1400's. (mark quotes)

Note on Wife: Mary Georgina Gordon ANSTRUTHER (3)

sometimes called May?

Note on Wife: Mary Georgina Gordon ANSTRUTHER (4)

(Cathy) she lied about her age throughout her life, reducing it by 3 years on her marriage cert. and in the end managing to lose 8 years, pretending to have been born in 1887.


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