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Family of John Gauntlett (Benedict) HEAL and Jane KNEALE

Husband: John Gauntlett (Benedict) HEAL
Wife: Jane KNEALE
Children: Clare Julia HEAL
Adam Philip HEAL

Husband: John Gauntlett (Benedict) HEAL

Name: John Gauntlett (Benedict) HEAL1
Sex: Male
Father: John Christopher HEAL (1911-1985)
Mother: Teresa Mary Elliot ANSTRUTHER (1907-1991)

Wife: Jane KNEALE

Name: Jane KNEALE2,3
Sex: Female
Father: William KNEALE ( - )
Mother: Martha KNEALE ( - )

Child 1: Clare Julia HEAL

Name: Clare Julia HEAL3
Sex: Female

Child 2: Adam Philip HEAL

Name: Adam Philip HEAL3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jeanne SALJE ( - )


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