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Family of James MURRAY and Mary Pope CRASWELL

Husband: James MURRAY ( - )
Wife: Mary Pope CRASWELL ( - )
Children: Hannibal Craswell MURRAY (1858-1940)

Husband: James MURRAY

Name: James MURRAY1
Sex: Male
Father: John MURRAY (c. 1786-1868)
Mother: Ann SMALLMAN (1793-1858)

Wife: Mary Pope CRASWELL

Name: Mary Pope CRASWELL1
Sex: Female
Father: Henry CRASWELL (c. 1800- )
Mother: Dianna HEAL ( - )

Child 1: Hannibal Craswell MURRAY

Name: Hannibal Craswell MURRAY1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Caroline Frances CRASWELL (1850-1939)
Birth 22 Apr 18582
Death 21 May 1940 (age 82)2


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