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Family of Edward M HEAL and Tryphena Goff GUSWELL

Husband: Edward M HEAL (c. 1817-1888)
Wife: Tryphena Goff GUSWELL (c. 1822- )
Children: Elizabeth Mary HEAL (c. 1853- )
Charles Pope HEAL (c. 1854- )
Hannibal Murch HEAL (1856- )
Jessie HEAL (c. 1858- )
Susan W HEAL (c. 1860- )
John Withers HEAL (c. 1865- )
Marriage 5 Jul 1851 Portugal Cove, Newfoundland1,2

Husband: Edward M HEAL

Name: Edward M HEAL3
Sex: Male
Father: Edward Merewether HEAL (c. 1770-1824)
Mother: Eliza [HEAL] (c. 1772-1859)
Birth c. 1817 Newfoundland or P E I1
Death 1888 (age 70-71) London, Ontario, Canada4

Wife: Tryphena Goff GUSWELL

Name: Tryphena Goff GUSWELL2,3
Sex: Female
Father: Matthew GUSWELL ( -1829)
Mother: Elizabeth GOFF ( -1849)
Birth c. 1822 Portugal Cove (?), Newfoundland1,2

Child 1: Elizabeth Mary HEAL

Name: Elizabeth Mary HEAL3
Sex: Female
Spouse: Simon G EDELSTEIN (c. 1847- )
Birth c. 1853 St. John's, Newfoundland1

Child 2: Charles Pope HEAL

Name: Charles Pope HEAL3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary KINGSMILL (c. 1859- )
Birth c. 1854 St. John's, Newfoundland1

Child 3: Hannibal Murch HEAL

Name: Hannibal Murch HEAL3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Harriet Sophia RUTHERFORD (1857- )
Birth 21 Jan 1856 London, Ontario1,5

Child 4: Jessie HEAL

Name: Jessie HEAL3
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1858 London, Ontario, Canada1

Child 5: Susan W HEAL

Name: Susan W HEAL3
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1860 London, Ontario, Canada1

Child 6: John Withers HEAL

Name: John Withers HEAL3
Sex: Male
Birth c. 18651


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