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Family of John Reginald Arthur TODHUNTER and Margery Ethel STENSON

Husband: John Reginald Arthur TODHUNTER (1885-1968)
Wife: Margery Ethel STENSON (1893-1988)
Children: Margerie Joan TODHUNTER

Husband: John Reginald Arthur TODHUNTER

Name: John Reginald Arthur TODHUNTER1
Sex: Male
Father: John TODHUNTER (1839-1916)
Mother: Doral Louisa DIGBY (c. 1853-1935)
Birth 18851
Death 15 Mar 1968 (age 82-83)1

Wife: Margery Ethel STENSON

Name: Margery Ethel STENSON1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 16 Feb 18931
Death 21 Mar 1988 (age 95)

Child 1: Margerie Joan TODHUNTER

Name: Margerie Joan TODHUNTER1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Herbert (Larry) G.F. LAMBE ( -1990)

Note on Husband: John Reginald Arthur TODHUNTER

Published 'Occasional Verses' 1950

MB Camb. 2

Note on Wife: Margery Ethel STENSON

lived in Judd St, then moved to Shoreham2


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