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Family of Frederick MORGAN and Hilda Marianne [HEAL]

Husband: Frederick MORGAN
Wife: Hilda Marianne [HEAL] (1913-2003)
Children: Susan Margaret MORGAN
Eugenia Anne MORGAN
Joseph Frederick Alexander MORGAN

Husband: Frederick MORGAN

Name: Frederick MORGAN1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Hilda Marianne [HEAL]

Name: Hilda Marianne [HEAL]2
Sex: Female
Father: Carlton Burwood HEAL (1872-1972)
Mother: Hilda Mary Susannah GARNETT (1873-1962)
Birth 10 Mar 1913 Penketh, Warrington, Lancs2
Death 21 Nov 2003 (age 90) Henbury, Bristol1

Child 1: Susan Margaret MORGAN

Name: Susan Margaret MORGAN
Sex: Female

Child 2: Eugenia Anne MORGAN

Name: Eugenia Anne MORGAN
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Clive GARTON ( -c. 1980)
Spouse 2: Michael HICKS BEACH ( -c. 1998)

Child 3: Joseph Frederick Alexander MORGAN

Name: Joseph Frederick Alexander MORGAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Pamela Primrose SOMERSET


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