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Family of John Carlton HEAL and Winifred Ann NICHOLSON

Husband: John Carlton HEAL (1902-1977)
Wife: Winifred Ann NICHOLSON (1899-1978)
Children: John Harris HEAL (1930-1990)
Philip Carlton HEAL
Marriage 27 Sep 1927 Jesmond parish church, Newcastle upon Tyne1

Husband: John Carlton HEAL

Name: John Carlton HEAL1
Sex: Male
Name Prefix: Dr
Father: Carlton Burwood HEAL (1872-1972)
Mother: Hilda Mary Susannah GARNETT (1873-1962)
Birth 13 Jun 1902 Duston, Northants1
Occupation Doctor
Death 24 May 1977 (age 74) Exeter, Devon2,3

Wife: Winifred Ann NICHOLSON

Name: Winifred Ann NICHOLSON1
Sex: Female
Name Prefix: Dr
Father: Ralph NICHOLSON ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 1899 Newcastle upon Tyne3
Occupation Doctor
Death 11 Aug 1978 (age 78-79) Exeter, Devon3

Child 1: John Harris HEAL

Name: John Harris HEAL1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Helen Roberta MCMURTRIE
Birth 24 Apr 1930 Exeter, Devon1
Occupation Accountant2
Death 10 Mar 1990 (age 59) Exeter, Devon2,4

Child 2: Philip Carlton HEAL

Name: Philip Carlton HEAL
Sex: Male
Spouse: Diana Mary Winifred SIMMONDS

Note on Husband: John Carlton HEAL

He was of Exeter.


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