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Family of John HEAL and Anne DOLAMORE

Husband: John HEAL (1844-1915)
Wife: Anne DOLAMORE (1843-1928)
Children: John Harris HEAL (1871-1954)
Carlton Burwood HEAL (1872-1972)
Edith Fanny HEAL (1874-1964)
Beatrice Ruth HEAL (1876-1972)
Dorothy Margaret HEAL (1878-1961)
Annie Emily HEAL (1880-1907)
Geoffrey Arnold HEAL (1885-1968)
Marriage 19 Nov 1869 Christ Church, Ealing, Middx
Marriage 1869 Christ Church, Ealing, Middx1

Husband: John HEAL

Name: John HEAL2
Sex: Male
Father: John Harris HEAL Jun (1811-1876)
Mother: Ann Standerwick HEAL (1810-1890)
Birth 21 Aug 1844 196 Tottenham Court Rd, London
Birth 1844 196 Tottenham Court Rd, London1
Baptism 29 Nov 1844 (age 0) St Giles in the Fields, St Pancras, London
Occupation Leather merchant3
Death 1915 (age 70-71) St Mary's Hospital, Paddington1
Cause: Accident (unspecified)
Death 26 Apr 1915 (age 70) St Mary's Hospital, Paddington
Cause: Accident (unspecified)


Name: Anne DOLAMORE2
Sex: Female
Father: Henry Mihill DOLAMORE (aft1825-1888)
Mother: Susan [DOLAMORE] (aft1824-1900)
Birth 1843 Lambeth, Surrey3,4
Death 13 Mar 1928 (age 84-85) 9 Strathray Gdns, Eton Avenue, London NW5

Child 1: John Harris HEAL

Name: John Harris HEAL2
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sylvia Pauline HOOPER ( - )
Birth 1 Feb 1871 Finchley, Middx
Death 10 Jul 1954 (age 83)6

Child 2: Carlton Burwood HEAL

Name: Carlton Burwood HEAL2,7
Sex: Male
Spouse: Hilda Mary Susannah GARNETT (1873-1962)
Birth 10 Jan 1872 Ealing, Middx2
Occupation Tanner8
Death 26 Feb 1972 (age 100) Exeter, Devon6

Child 3: Edith Fanny HEAL

Name: Edith Fanny HEAL2
Sex: Female
Spouse: Robert STOCKS (1868-1929)
Birth 28 Oct 1874 Finchley, Middx
Death 3 Sep 1964 (age 89) Lealands, Bovey Tracey, South Devon9,10

Child 4: Beatrice Ruth HEAL

Name: Beatrice Ruth HEAL2
Sex: Female
Spouse: Roland-Browell-Barnes WIMBUSH ( -1939)
Birth 18 Jul 1876 Finchley, Middx
Death 1972 (age 95-96)9

Child 5: Dorothy Margaret HEAL

Name: Dorothy Margaret HEAL2
Sex: Female
Spouse: Joseph BYRNE ( -1931)
Birth 18 Feb 1878 Finchley, Middx
Death 3 Dec 1961 (age 83) London11,12
Burial 7 Dec 1961 Golders Green Crematorium12

Child 6: Annie Emily HEAL

Name: Annie Emily HEAL2
Sex: Female
Birth 6 Feb 1880 Finchley, Middx
Death 6 Oct 1907 (age 27) Ealing, Middx

Child 7: Geoffrey Arnold HEAL

Name: Geoffrey Arnold HEAL2
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lily ARCHARD (1881-1982)
Birth 21 Jul 1885 Finchley, Middx
Death 1967/68 (age 82-83)9
Death "1967/1968"1,9

Note on Husband: John HEAL

He was for many years at Hertford Lodge, Finchley, Middx. Partner in Bloor & Heal, leather-dressers, of Snow Hill, Holborn.


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