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Family of Reginald George ROSE and Mary Agnes LEWIS

Husband: Reginald George ROSE ( - )
Wife: Mary Agnes LEWIS (1899- )
Children: Monica Vivien ROSE
Keith George ROSE
Gillian Mary ROSE
Lewis John ROSE
Marriage 17 Oct 1922

Husband: Reginald George ROSE

Name: Reginald George ROSE1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Mary Agnes LEWIS

Name: Mary Agnes LEWIS1
Sex: Female
Nickname: Molly
Father: George LEWIS ( - )
Mother: Emily-Mabel HEAL (1874- )
Birth 1899 Bushey

Child 1: Monica Vivien ROSE

Name: Monica Vivien ROSE2
Sex: Female
Spouse: James Anthony DAKIN ( - )

Child 2: Keith George ROSE

Name: Keith George ROSE2
Sex: Male

Child 3: Gillian Mary ROSE

Name: Gillian Mary ROSE2
Sex: Female
Spouse: Jeremy BROOK ( - )

Child 4: Lewis John ROSE

Name: Lewis John ROSE2
Sex: Male


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