Benedict Heal Consulting Ltd

3 East End, North Crawley
Newport Pagnell, Bucks, 
MK16 9HW, UK

tel: +44 (0)1234 391582

email: bh  'at'  

 I am an independent consultant specialising in training, mentoring and consultancy within the field of object-oriented design.


I have extensive experience in the preparation and delivery of courses in OOAD, Java and Smalltalk. I have produced new courses for several training companies, as well as for the Open University. Design areas have included UML and Catalysis. I undertake course development for others, as well as the delivery of both my and other peoplesí materials.


I feel strongly that training does not stop on the last day of a course. I find that teams new to object practices benefit enormously from regular continuing involvement of someone with greater experience until they find their feet, and much enjoy such mentoring projects.


I have been involved in many projects in the commercial and financial areas, helping teams assess alternative technical strategies. Commitments have varied from a few days to 7 months.


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